Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of summer...

At Grand Haven with Dad
Great Grandpa isn't used to crying babies!

So big in the bumbo chair & smiling as Sophie nudges his toes...
In just a few days, Jack will be two months old.
Everyone says that time goes so quickly with a baby,
and truly it does.
There are the days that drag by as we get used to our new routine,
and Jack cries enough where I sometimes join him.
But mostly we have settled into our new sense of normal,
and I can hardly believe that summer has come to an end.

Since my last blog, Jack has started to smile and laugh...
we take trips in the car and he stays asleep in his car seat. For this I am so grateful~he travels well.
We even made a trip to the east side of the state to shop at Sommerset & see Aunt Heidi and also to Muskegon to meet Great Grandpa.
And summer would not be complete without a trip to Grand Haven. Although, Jack wasn't too impressed with the beautiful view I'm sure next summer we'll have to drag him home!

I waited forever for this summer to arrive. Now we get to watch the leaves fall and visit apple orchards and watch football, all with our newest addition.
I am not ready for it to get cold,
this is where I really begin to miss California and the constant sun with temps in the 70's...not to mention that out there I wouldn't have to guess at what size winter clothes to buy for our little chunky monkey:)
Who happens to have his two month doctor visit in just a week,
we might have to have a contest to see what he weighs in at!

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