Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 months

Happy 6 month Birthday!
A whole half year already...
And what a week leading up to it!

Jack, this week you celebrated your half year birthday with a bang:
First fever (102.3)
First cold
and to top it all off your first TWO teeth popped through this morning!
You have not been a happy camper,
but you have been one tough cookie.

Since Christmas you can now sit up for longer periods without any help
or without falling on your face. You also are eating a few solid foods and no longer gagging on them:) What is the most disgusting thing? You love prunes...I have no idea who you got this trait from!

Most importantly, you can now fit into all your 6-12 month clothes I happily have stashed away along the journey:) And good thing, because not only are you the best dressed in the family (according to Daddy), but it means that you always have a clean set of clothes since you seem to drool a LOT...and never mind all the spit-up, since you love to bend your little body in half as you reach and grab for everything in sight, including your toes.

We love to make you laugh and giggle. Your feet and tummy are ticklish. And you just love to be a busy body, I know in a few short moments you will be giving me a great work out chasing after you.
You bring so much joy to our lives. Every day is something new...
Speaking of new, mommy found these fun stickers to slap on just before its time to snap your monthly photos.
What a great idea! Find them on
If only everything were this easy! Because apparently your toes were much more interesting than anything I was doing to get your attention for a cute 6 month picture:)
And that is nothing new...

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Lauren said...

Jack is such a little cutie! I always check your blog for updates during my lunch break :) I hope I can see you guys this summer and meet the little dude!