Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow, snow...go away

If I were to sum up the last few weeks it would be this:
Tons of snow.
As you can see from the pics, the drifts were clear up to the glass on the door. At least a foot and a half high.
Then today it reached 45 degrees and I did a little happy dance as I watched the huge mountains in front of our house slowly melt down to something a bit easier on the eyes.
I am so ready for spring.

While it was busy snowing outside, we have been busy inside. Except for the one day that G&G bought Jack his little red sled and somehow talked me into going for a walk around the neighborhood. Don't let the sun fool you~it was FREEZING.

But besides trying to stay warm, we have officially put our house up for sale. Where are we going? Not quite sure...but after the huge blizzard I'm daring to say someplace a bit warmer maybe. We'll see.

Jack has also been going to Gymboree class, which helps us beat the "stuck inside all the time" blues. He loves it. Because let's face it, here in Michigan you can only go to the mall or grocery store so many times before you feel like your going lose it.

Today had a small sense of spring about it. Just how excited did this make me?
I was giddy.
Seriously, giddy.
Combine that with the plane tickets I just bought to fly us out to L.A. in a few weeks and today was a spectacular day:)
Now I just need to get my ab rolls to look as cute as Jack's in a swimsuit:)