Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Months 7 & 8

Okay, I am embarrassed...
After all the people that read and follow this blog,

I should know better than to go nearly 2 months without posting anything.

And its not that I didn't want to,

writing is still my outlet...and perhaps if I did more of it,

the last two months would have been a bit more bearable!

But this kid...

takes up all my energy and time...

Since my last post in Feb. Jack has begun to crawl...to pull himself up on furniture...to bite all the furniture he pulls himself up on...and even gnaw on the nastiest thing~our concrete hearth that comes out of the fireplace. Ugh. Tim shudders with each little scratch of his teeth.

Then there are the wires. If there is anything poking out from behind a table, in the mouth it goes. I am seriously exhausted...

But there are so many fun things too. Jack loves food. He tries everything and we can no longer eat our own meals without him grabbing or screaming for a bite. Its fun to give him new things to try and watch his face.

But if we think we are busy with him now, just wait until the walking begins...and then there all the other things going on. More on that soon!

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