Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack's 1st Birthday

Jack's facial expression was so precious when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
Digging right in to his smash cake
Yummy Monkey Pops
Lots of treats!
Okay, so Jack's 1st birthday was nearly a month ago and I am just now getting around to writing about slacker! Well, not really, I mean...a LOT has been going on around here but I did cheat just a little bit and change the post date to early August so it doesn't look so bad!
Jack's party turned out great. I know its probably not top on many people's list to go to a one year olds birthday party, but we are so grateful for the family and friends that made it over to celebrate with us. After all, I know Jack won't remember any of this, but truly...we have been waiting a LONG TIME to actually celebrate our child's birthday. And it was a time to celebrate...
I had a different theme all picked out and then once I got pregnant, I just didn't have the time or energy to go all out with it like I had wanted. So there is always next year. Instead, I found this super cute monkey theme on a website and they literally had everything I needed. So I took the path of least resistence! It turned out pretty cute. My addition was the monkey pop party favors, which after working all day on them Friday, turned out to taste just as good as they looked! Whew:)
Its hard to believe Jack is already one, and his little brother will be here in just a couple of short months. Three years ago exactly we were wondering just where our lives were headed without Will. We didn't have a whole lot of hope back then, but the shred of it I did have left...couldn't even have pictured how good we would have it now.
I'm so grateful and blessed.