Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About that time...

This is the time in my pregnancy when I am about done...
except that I know my life is about to change into pure chaos,
so while I am ready to no longer be pregnant (the aches, pain and diabetes)
I am not yet ready to give up my 6+ hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.
Jack is crazy.
The kid is into everything. Walking. Opening doors. Stealing my phone...making huge messes. Normally this would not bother me.
But when we were at Walgreens the other day and he dropped 2 bags of cough drops on the floor on purpose I nearly burst into tears.
I can't bend over.
I can't pick things up off the floor.
I wanted to completely lose my mind...
and that is how I know I am ready to not be huge any more:)
But I am not yet ready for baby #3.
For the first time, I will have two children here with me.
I'm already a mother of 2 boys (soon to be 3) but I've never been able to hold more than one at a time...and they were years apart.
How is this going to work?
I'm excited yet scared and anxious. Even with having #3 here, I know our family won't feel complete. Jack will be a big brother. But he's never known being the little brother either.
Heavy stuff.
I've got a lot on my mind lately,
all while trying to keep up with Jack and get the new baby room ready.
We're also moving Jack's room to be by the new baby,
since moving out of this house won't be happening.
So I have 2 rooms to complete in just a matter of weeks.
It can be done.
Those are the easy things...
how do you explain about being a big brother to a 14 month old?
How do you prepare from going to having a single living child to two? All while focusing not on what could have or should have been and focusing instead of the living boys God has blessed us with?
The only constant in life is change.
But honestly, the only thing I wish I could change at the moment is to trade in my tired, exhausted body for someone with super-human strength...
'cause I could really use that right now:)
We are so excited for this new baby and to grow our family.
And as the leaves are starting to change
and the weather grows cooler,
I know its only a matter of weeks until we can finally meet him.