Monday, April 8, 2013

How to stress yourself out...

Blogging is what I love,
but I love being a mom & wife first...
so usually (well, lately) those two things have been taking up all my time. And I haven't written since October! Truthfully, I have written a few posts but chose not to post them simply because I didn't have time to completely finish them and deemed them less than "perfect."

But today, I am going to write about the other thing that has taken up all my time. Just to recap, last fall we sold our house and decided to build. Long story short, the builder was taking a really long long time and we fell in love with a different part of our city, Grand Rapids. Fast forward to now. We decided against our original plan and have now been working on selections for our new townhome. Its amazing how much work and detail go into colors and floors and cabinets. I'm obsessed. Especially with pinterest and, which is a designers dream! But I'm back to blogging, because I want to document this project...cause its kind of a big deal for our family.

So, here's some of the first photos of our "blank canvas"

                                                                       Living Room

                                                                     Master Bedroom


                                                                       2nd Bedroom

                      Huge Basement! To the right are the laundry room, another full bath and bedroom...

I must admit that while its always been a dream of ours to build our own home, it is truly one of the most stressful things. And we've been through a lot! But it has been fun to work on a project and slowly see some things coming together. Lots more photos to come so I can share our new homes transformation! Just another quick photo of the lights I am trying to decide between for over the kitchen island. Any thought?!

This is the Benson Pendant from Restoration Hardware....

And then we have something totally different! The Clarissa Chandelier from Pottery Barn. Although I am noting that the metal is more bronze in person that this photo shows.

Decisions, decisions!