Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just the beginning

This spring marked 7 years since we moved back to Michigan from California.
Seven Years.
I ask myself, just how in the blink of an eye, we have been back here as long as we lived out in CA.
Most days I still don't believe it.
Part of my heart will always be in Orange County...
by the ocean,
at Camp Pendleton
and with all of my friends who I had to leave.

And this spring also marks the journey we began with Will.
The journey of hell.
So this spring, I was ready to start something new.
Since moving back here, so much has changed.
Some things are good,
and some things are not.
Either way, my health and weight has been a constant thought.

Tim and I were so fit out west.
Sure, we didn't have kids and all we did was work, eat great healthy food (besides In-n-Out) and exercise.
Being active out there is easy.
Not so much.
So in true Michigan fashion we packed on some winter weight, add that to the grief of losing a child and some other pretty big stresses and we found ourselves somewhere we had never been:
Well, I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of not wanting to get out of bed most mornings.
And I'm sick of always feeling like I need a nap when my son takes one.

As of tomorrow Tim and I will be doing the IsaGenix IsaBody Challenge.
And I couldn't be more excited.
For me this system has everything I need and want.
I'm not going to get into details just yet because I want to experience it first.
But blogging about this journey is going to help with my accountability.

So let's see where this next little adventure takes me...
because I'm ready for something fabulous.


JI F said...

Good luck on your new "get fit" journey. And it sounds like you are in need of a California visit!!

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